The Market for Glass Packaging Market in India (for Consumer Markets)

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India is amongst the top fifteen markets in the world, for glass packaging. Increased health consciousness, acquisition of advanced technologies and strengthening of consumer connect are the key drivers for the demand for glass packaging in the country. Though the country’s per capita consumption of container glass is currently low at 1.6 kg,this is expected to improve in the future. Glass is inert, odourless, impermeable, re-usable and infinitely recyclable and these properties make it a preferred medium for packaging.

Glass packaging with numerous advantages has neatly carved a niche for itself in the growing consumer packaging market in India. The market in India, which was valued at INR 46 billion in 2012-13, is expected to grow at 8.2% per annum during the next five years. Of this, the food and beverages sector accounted for a major share of 80% followed by non-food sector at 20%.

Container glass demand: by end-use segments (%), 2012-13
Market size : INR 46 billion

The market for glass packaging market in India (for consumer markets)

Source: MCG Research

While there has been a shift to other packaging media over the years, glass packaging continues to be the preferred packaging choice for certain product categories. The primary application for glass packaging in India is in the alcoholic beverages sector including beer, IMFL, wine and IMIL. Other major applications for glass packaging include pharmaceuticals,foods, fruit based drinks, carbonated soft drinks and cosmetics & perfumery products. Consumer acceptance of glass as a premium packaging medium has helped several product manufacturers to better brand their products.

The three large players in the industry include Hindusthan National Glass and Industries Ltd., AGI Glaspac and Piramal Glass. The three manufactures account for about 80% of the total installed capacity, in the country.Adoption of the latest technologies and usage of automated machines in the manufacture of glass containers in the country has grown in the last decade. Adoption of Narrow Neck Press and Blow (NNPB) technology will help Indian manufacturers to deliver light weight glass packaging solutions.