Packaged Water Market in India

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Packaged water market is a fast growing market in India, driven by scarcity of drinking water and increasing health awareness. Rising population, growing urbanism, lifestyle changes, rise in per capita income, increase in tourism are also driving the growth. India’s per capita consumption of bottled water is around 15-20 litres in 2013 indicating a huge scope for growth in future. The bottled water business gained popularity since 1990’s with the introduction of Bisleri, the leading brand in India.

The organised packaged water in India can be broadly classified into packaged/bottled water, premium natural mineral water and others including herbal and flavoured water. The organised packaged water segment in India comprises of 3,300 registered players (48% in South and 22% in the West), while the unorganised segment has about 12,000 unregistered packaged water plants.

Packaged water market: Segments & pack size


The organised sector of the packaged water market, accounted close to 90% of the total market estimated at around INR 100 billion in 2013-14. Due to lack of infrastructure and high transportation costs, the companies have found it difficult to penetrate to small non-tier cities and towns, thereby creating opportunities for small regional players.
Safety, hygiene awareness and high disposable income are driving the volume sales of bottled water market. South India is the biggest consumer of bottled water accounting for a share of 50%, with water scarcity being the major driver for the high consumption. The Indian Railways is one of the major user segments for the packaged water in India, constituting about 3 million bottles per day. Some key players in the packaged water are Parle Agro’s Bisleri, is the market leader in this segment, followed by Coca Cola’s Kinley and PepsiCo’s Aquafina.
The premium packaged water market which caters to a niche segment has grown significantly over the recent years. Tata (Mount Everest) brand ‘Himalayan’ is the major player, followed by other popular brands like Qua (Narang), Bisleri Mountain & Vedic (Parle), Mulshi Spring (Mulshi), Catch (DS Group), etc. The market for flavoured/ herbal drinking water is small and available across the major metros in India. The growing urbanisation and scarcity of drinking water are drivers of demand opportunities in future. Many manufacturers are stepping up their distribution network to strengthen their market position.