Confectionery Sector in India

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Confectionery Sector in India

Indian confectionery market mirrors its global counterpart with a well entrenched presence of multinational companies, wide portfolio of brands, frequent product launches, intense marketing and advertisement campaigns. Consumption of confectionery products is not restricted to children anymore. Adults have opened up to consumption of confectionery in a big way. Several companies are launching confectionery products targeting adults.

Confectionery in India is broadly classified as chocolate based confectionery, sugar based confectionery and gum based confectionery. The categories are further classified as follows;


Confectionery sector in India is well consolidated with top players holding a major share of the market; local subsidiaries of global confectioners are among the leading players in India. Large players have a significant presence in chocolate confectionery market while smaller players primarily operate at a regional level and have sizeable base in sugar-based confectionery market

The Indian confectionery market was valued at around INR 95 billion in 2012-13, growing at an annual rate of 10-12% since 2009-10. Of the total market, sugar confectionery holds a market share of around 46% and the rest by chocolate and gum confectionery segments. Owing to lower unit price than chocolate confectioneries, sugar confectionery segment has registered higher volume sales over the recent years Traditionally, small domestic players catering largely to a regional market accounted for a major share of the sugar confectionery market. However, in the recent years, multinational players have entered this market and have introduced quality products. Chocolate consumption is mainly centered around semi-urban and urban areas due to foreign exposure, rising disposable income and consumers’ impulse buying. Players have identified age-specific niche market segments within the chocolate confectionery market and are undertaking intense advertising campaign to ensure effective brand communication and positioning.

The confectionary market in India has a well entrenched presence of multinational players such as Mondelez (formerly Cadbury India), Nestle, Perfetti Van Melle, Mars India and Lotte as well as large domestic players such as Amul, Parle, ITC, Ravalgon and Candico. Multinational companies such as Ferrerro, Hersheys and Lindt have a strong presence in the premium chocolate market. In the chocolate confectionery segment, Cadbury holds a market share of around 65-70%, followed by Nestle at around 20%