Management consultancy

With a track record of serving clients for over 3 decades, MCG offers focussed management consulting services in select functional areas :

Strategic planning
MCG assists clients in developing Market Entry Strategies, conducts Industry Studies, B2B Market Research and Analysis, Feasibility Studies and offers Marketing Advisory Services.

Market Entry Strategy
MCG offers advisory services for formulating and implementing strategies to expand existing markets and to enter new markets, in India. With in-depth knowledge of how various product-markets work in India, marketing strategies suggested by MCG are down to earth and customised to meet the needs of the client.

Market Research and Analysis
MCG has 35 years’ experience, in conducting B2B market research studies for industrial products, materials, equipment and services. MCG’s incisive and focussed research has helped Indian and foreign firms take well founded strategic marketing decisions.

Specialised Services to Foreign Firms
For foreign firms interested in doing business in India, MCG offers end to end services. From the initial market analysis and formulation of entry strategy to providing assistance in setting up Indian operations, MCG works closely with the client and provides high level consulting resources.

Indian Regulatory Environment
MCG provides a framework for understanding the Indian Regulatory Environment and the options available for structuring a new venture in India; policies, rules and regulations of the Government of India are presented in an easy-to-comprehend manner. With the support of well established Associates, MCG assists foreign clients in filing applications and obtaining the necessary approvals to commence operations in India.

Feasibility Studies
MCG assists clients to critically examine the financial feasibility of their new projects or expansion of existing facilities; and for foreign firms, evaluates the cost of setting up a new operation in India and the viability of business potential.

Customer Satisfaction Studies
MCG assists clients in understanding customer attitudes & perception, market dynamics and monitoring company performance through exhaustive customer satisfaction studies.

Location analysis
MCG assists foreign clients in strategic evaluation of select locations based on agreed parameters. Parameters for evaluation will be arrived at based on discussions with the client and a scoring system will be designed by MCG.