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Industry snapshots from Madras Consultancy Group

MCG's secondary research and knowledge processing division constantly monitors various industry sectors and regularly prepares Indian Industry snapshots. The snapshots have been prepared based on exhaustive secondary research and provide an overview of a specific industry sector including the industry structure, product segmentation, market overview, major players, recent trends and developments – intended to provide an overall appreciation of the industry.

These well-researched documents include informative tables, charts, graphics and crisp text and are typically between 1200 to 1800 words each, available in a pdf format.

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Title Publication year
Agriculture & Allied
Agricultural equipment market 2015
Animal feed sector 2015
Fertilizer sector 2018
Floriculture sector 2017
Horticulture sector 2016
Natural rubber market 2019
Organic farming sector 2017
Auto components industry 2019
Wiring harness industry 2017
Building & Construction
Building & Construction sector 2020
Ceramic tiles sector 2020
Construction chemicals sector 2016
Paints & Coatings industry 2019
Plastic pipes market 2020
Point of entry water purification system market 2018
Point of use water purification system market 2018
Roofing materials market 2016
Chemicals, Raw Materials, & Allied
Activated carbon market 2018
pigments industry 2015
Lubricants market 2020
Paper pulp industry 2019
Cables and Wires market 2020
lighting market 2015
Lighting industry 2019
Title Publication year
Environment, Water and Solid waste management sector 2016
Smart city mission in India 2019
Solar power sector 2015
Wind energy sector 2015
Medical & Lifesciences
Lifesciences industry 2016
Medical consumables market 2018
Medical devices sector 2016
Medicinal plants sector 2020
Medical furniture sector 2018
Packaging & Printing
Corrugated packaging market 2019
Drums and Barrels sector 2019
Personal care, Home care, & Consumer products
Diaper market 2018
Gold and Silver jewellery sector 2019
Hair care sector 2019
Home care sector 2015
Oral care sector 2019
Skin & body care sector 2019
Sports equipment industry 2015
Stationery products market 2015
Alcoholic beverages sector 2018
Fitness market 2018
Packaged water market 2016
Paper and Paperboard sector 2018
Private security services sector 2015
Steel industry 2020
Textiles and Apparels sector 2019